Finders Course and Marriage

Finders Course and Marriage

We’d already been talking for about an hour and a half when Dr. Jeffery Martin asked if I’d noticed any changes in my relationship with my wife since taking the Finders Course. I suggested that I better get Shirley since she’s far better at getting a pulse on relationships than I will ever be.

Let’s face it, I would have just said, “Ahhhhh, yes, it really helped. Next question?”

I’d just graduated from FC2 and felt there were lot of ‘internal’ changes, but wasn’t sure if the changes were as obvious from the outside.

It was a risk. I had no idea what she would say, and Shirley had no warning that she would be asked. So, this video was all the more interesting and ‘enlightening’ to me:

Interview after Finders Course #2


Fast forward to today… I wonder how our relationship is going now that I’ve been practicing the Finders Course techniques for so many more months.

Hey, Jeffery, could you ask Shirley how our relationship is going and let me know?