Getting Unstuck and Going Deeper with Direct Inquiry

Hello, and welcome again to,
Getting Unstuck with Direct Inquiry 4
Let’s try a little experiment that may help you to go deeper with direct inquiry or perhaps even to get you unstuck.

Let’s begin by softening your gaze.

Just for now, don’t entertain any idea of progress, past or future, self-evaluation, or expectation from what is taking place right now.

Still with a soft gaze, slightly raise your eyebrows. If you’re wearing glasses, you will likely want to take them off now.

You may or may not notice now, out of that space what may now appear to you as if you are looking out through a single eye with an unbounded panoramic view. Just sink into that experience.

Now, with your index finger point to your face, towards that seemingly empty space from where the seeing is happening. Just point in that direction and maintain a relaxed gaze.

Getting Unstuck with Direct Inquiry 5No need to look directly at your finger from within the spaciousness you may or may not be aware of now as your attention moves into the unbounded space that you are pointing to.

Again raise your eyebrows slightly and ask yourself, “Who am I? What am I? Who is seeing?”

Whatever comes, in whatever form, imagination, color, texture, sound, taste, or whatever… investigate. Ask yourself, “Is that who I am?”

Eliminate any remnant of the false egoistic self that may arise.

Soon, perhaps now already you realize that no time is needed for the answer, because the True Self is always here, always available. Always Now, check to see if this is true for you as you ask yourself, “Who am I?”

Getting Unstuck with Direct Inquiry 6The answer may come back silently and without words.

See for yourself as you go deeper and deeper within your inquiry.

Continue now with your investigation. And, in a while, when you are ready you may go about your day and discover that you can sink even deeper into a pure consciousness experience even while in activity.

Truth, Love, Joy, Peace,
Merle Braley