Is Your Body a Barrier to the Infinate?

Is Your Body a Barrier to the Infinate?

Since taking the Finders Course I am increasingly sensing the integration of non-duality in my body, the air, the trees… Everything. This is becoming more clear as my realization matures. I can’t promise that what I say today about my experience will be the same next week. I’m still a work in progress 🙂

Who else thinks your body is a barrier to the Infinate?

What I experience is that the body isn’t separate from the infinite. By definition, infinity must include the body. So, how can your body be a ‘barrier’ to merging with the infinite? It’s already part of it. Consciousness needs a body so no need to think of it as defective and in the way.

Consider these two statements:
“I am not my body”
“I am not just my body”

Or, perhaps:
“I am not limited to just this body”

What if you discover that what you are IS contained in the body? Why not? That might be the first place to look. And, when you find it there, check the space around your body. Can you find the edge where your True Self begins and ends? Can you find the edge of who you are?

When I hold up my hand in front of my face I can no longer say that my True Self is not in my body. In fact, I find mySELF in everything. Or, perhaps more accurately, everything is in mySELF.