Finders Course

Finders Course

I’d like to thank Dr. Jeffery Martin for helping me to experience a profound level of fundamental wellbeing far beyond anything I’d experienced before.

Finders CourseAlthough I’d practiced meditation for several decades and had many temporary experiences of higher states of consciousness, any promise of an ongoing or persistent experience of self-realization or enlightenment remained like a carrot on a stick. Always out there in the future. Never now.

All that has changed, thanks to the Finders Course taught by Jeffery Martin based on his research on the development of consciousness.

As a result of the Finders Course, I’m having what Jeffery calls Ongoing Non-Symbolic Experience. Some would call this “self-realization” or even “enlightenment.”

But, no words, can adequately label or describe how my perception of myself and my relationship with the world has changed.

During The Finders Course I began to experience a deep inner sense of fundamental wellbeing, peace, love, and joy. And now, several months since taking the course that profound inner sense of wholeness just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Dr Jeffery Martin's Research

Dr Jeffery Martin

My recommendation to anyone considering taking the Finders Course to clear your calendar, because it’s a big time commitment with many hours of meditation techniques. And, the rewards are well worth it.

If you’re like me you’ve already spent many hours chasing enlightenment down paths that lead to nowhere. The Finders Course is the only course that I’m aware of where the majority of course participants experience an awakening.

Of all your options for seeking enlightenment, the Finders Course may very well be the one you’ve been looking for.

I hope you’ve found this video and my videos on Non-Duality Pointers helpful.

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Truth, Love, Joy, Peace,
Merle Braley

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