Direct Inquiry Beyond “I Am”

Direct Inquiry Beyond “I Am”

When you ask yourself, “Who am I, what am I, where am I?” don’t search in the mind.

All you’ll find in the mind are concepts and thoughts.

The question is, who are you prior to your thoughts and concepts?

If you find yourself searching through concepts you can go beyond those concepts and just recognize the fact of your existence.

It may come as a recognition of I Am or I Exist.

And, that recognition is different than a concept.

It’s more of a direct looking, just noticing that you exist.

If there’s any concept attached to it just let that concept go. Realize that I am before the concept was tacked onto that recognition of I am.

Just realize that in order for you to have a concept you had to exist prior to that.

And, don’t even try to wrap your mind around that.

You can forget everything that I said and everything that I will say and just notice that you exist.

It may be a recognition that you are consciousness.

It may come with a sense of presence, that you exist, that you are present now. And, boundless.

Any concept or thought that comes up just let it go.

Let your attention abide in the knowledge that you exist.

The sense of I am or the recognition of I am and consciousness are recognized as one.

You can stop there and enjoy the bliss of that recognition of I am, of being, of presence, of that pure consciousness.

Don’t get addicted to the bliss that comes from that.

Look beyond.

Prior to consciousness, prior to that recognition of I am. Look beyond.

The answer may come back silently and without words.

For the sake of communication we might call it awareness. Just pure awareness.

Beyond consciousness. Beyond recognition of I am. Beyond being. Beyond presence.

Consciousness comes and goes.

But, the absolute, the absolute pure awareness is ever-present.

Drop any concept and drop the word awareness.

And, notice the recognition of awareness is beyond the bliss of the recognition of your existence, or I am, or presence.